Squirrel Control in Warwickshire: Removal with Traps

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Squirrels are known for their capability to cause severe damage to houses. The presence of squirrels is usually first noticeable by the loud noises and scratching, often in the attic. Most often, properties get infested with squirrels in the attic but these furry rodents also hide anywhere else they feel safe. If your property is infested by squirrel, consider booking a professional for immediate squirrel control.

Keye Pest Control provides full squirrel control for your property.

 The technicians use a combination of squirrel pest control methods, to ensure full squirrel removal and humane dispatch of the furry rodents.

·            You can also rely on us for emergency squirrel pest control.

·            The squirrel removal and the rest of the rodent control services are not hourly based and the technician will only leave once the job is completed.

·            We are aware of the damage squirrels can cause to your property – chewing on cables, pipes and furniture – and guarantee that we will leave your home or office completely squirrel-free.

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Our Squirrel Pest Control in Details

·       Inspection: A squirrel control expert will do a full property inspection for signs of infestation such as squirrel droppings, ensuring every infested area will be treated.

·       Treatment: The full service consists of 3 main visits. On the first one, the technician will come equipped with squirrel bates and cages, and will carefully place them in or around your property to catch all squirrels.

·       Humane Squirrel Control: During his second visit the professional will dispatch of the trapped squirrels in a humane way. Then he will re-bait the property.

·       Re-Infestation Prevention Advice: He can also advise you on how to prevent future pest infestation in your home or office.

Prevent Property Damage by Booking Professional Squirrel Controllers

Though squirrels are not known to carry dangerous diseases and infections, they can be persistent in gnawing through almost everything in their way. Letting a mild-level squirrel infestation grow into a serious problem means severe property damage including:

·       Damage of insulation and wood elements in the attic area.

·       Torn wires

·       Ruined furniture

·       Ceiling and wall damage – they often chew holes and leave urine stains

·       Dropping in the infested area, as well as other signs in the yard.

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