We are very transparent about our pricing. We do not add on hidden extras and do not pressurise you into buying products and services you do not need. We also endeavour to get to you on the same day or next day as we know that your pest issue needs sorting quickly.

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Commercial Prices

Obviously commercial property varies massively in size and you wouldn’t expect the Hyatt Hotel to pay the same price as your local takeaway so please call us to discuss your needs and arrange a free no obligation survey.

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Domestic Prices

Again, prices will vary on the size of the property and the extent of the problem but these prices will give you an idea.

Rats and Mice – prices from £150 for two visits includes materials and proofing where possible.

Squirrels – £150 for 2 x visits.

Ants – from £100Fleas – from £100

Bees and Wasps – £55 for first nest and £20 for additional nests whilst onsite.

Honeybees – prices from £99 (honeybees cost more as a return visit is needed to block up holes as legally required to protect local colonies) Local Council will not deal with bees.

Flies – from £100

Mites – from £100

Silverfish/Firebrats – from £100

Carpet Beetle – from £100

Moths – from £100

Cockroaches – prices from £95

Bedbugs – £100 first room and £30 per additional room whilst onsite

Foxes – please call us to discuss your requirements

Rabbits – please call us to discuss your requirements

Mink – please call us to discuss your requirements

Birds – please call us to discuss your requirements


We can accept card payments.

All these prices include materials.